Noodles & News…

Everyone loves noodles…so here are a few that Hilary and Deirdre have been contributing to ICN the last while.  Ian has kindly guested a few times and his blog is updated so go check it out at 

Make sure to check out the interviews and reviews that Peter has been doing the last while for the Norwegian webzine IMHOTEP at 

Apart from that, the only news is that we’re all alive and well and busy with our own projects, so comics on a collaborative scale just take an age to get done.  They do get done though, just not on the regular time scale that folks might think decent. 🙂



FREE COMICS – Vol.4, Vol.5 and Superhilbo! Issue 1

We’ll be making some of our comics available for free online in PDF format, and for the Vol.4 which is available right now, we’ll make it easier to download with a straight one link format.

In the meantime, Hilary has Superhilbo! Issue 1 available for free download in PDF over on 

or just click on the image below to get it now.

Click on the image to go to free download

Midnight Sun

Oisin Roche is currently working on a script by Peter called Midnight Sun.  It’s a very stylised piece as Oisins signature is very distinct and suited the tone of the story by Peter completely.  Here is some sample work by Oisin, not related to the current project but it still gives you a sense of how much attention to detail he puts into his work.

For more info and examples of his paintings, please visit :

For more info and examples of Peters writing, please visit : (Free story)