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So as of late this poor mite of a blog has been somewhat neglected.  Now that isn’t to say that we’re not busy or anything…far friggin from it!

So just to link you in to other bits we’re busy with here are some links to get nosey with:

Hilbo is busy doing a course in Games Design in Dundalk IT and you can take a gander at some of the work done along with other budding designers in the field at : https://aggd.wordpress.com   and http://gamesconceptdesign.wordpress.com/

Ian is busy working away at his own projects as well as designing logos for clubs and you take a gander at them: http://www.ianpettitt.blogspot.ie/

Petey is busy writing reviews between work and playing Pathfinder as well as Dungeons & Dragons but you can take a gander at the reviews: http://www.imhotep.no/?did=9109512

Dee has been working on a new routine and managed to squeeze out a comic late summer before embarking on it and is currently working on some new stuff while still promoting her comic: http://www.puredaft-delineavit.blogspot.ie/2012/08/new-comic.html

So we’re about, we’re busy but we’ll update as often as possible…that could mean every month or so in our language but at least you know it’ll happen!  🙂


FREE COMICS – Vol.4, Vol.5 and Superhilbo! Issue 1

We’ll be making some of our comics available for free online in PDF format, and for the Vol.4 which is available right now, we’ll make it easier to download with a straight one link format.

In the meantime, Hilary has Superhilbo! Issue 1 available for free download in PDF over on http://www.superhilbo.blogspot.ie/ 

or just click on the image below to get it now.

Click on the image to go to free download

Independents Day!

Just a heads up for anyone about town this weekend, the Independents Day Fair is going to be on this Sunday.  So the Co-op Market is the venue, 12-5pm is the time and it’ll be packed full of interesting cool stuff like stalls with comics, zines, crafts, arts and other bits and bobs.  2e in is really reasonable too.

It also has music on during it and the venue is a very cosy place to sit and have a coffee and sambo.  It’s always a great vibe so well worth checking it out.  If nothing else, check out the cool poster Elida Maiques did for it – does it rock or what? 🙂


Just a quick sneak peak at some of the panels offered up for the Romantic Mayhem Comic from Hilary & Dee.  Ian is contributing too, but it would give too much away trying to cut down one panel as his art is really strong and clean in this comic.

The release date will be up soon enough, as the editing for it is underway.  Big project and big undertaking but worth it. 🙂

Section of page from Hilary

Single Panel from Dee


Lovely start to the New Year with 2 of our artists at Longstone being mentioned on the Year in Review on www.comicbuzz.com

Deirdre got a mention in relation to her ‘Clueless’ one off comic which tells the story of two robots and communication breakdown.  It is a quirky little piece that she did up to make available at the cons for 2011 and got some great attention along with ‘Blue Bloke’ which again was a small one off comic done for cons.

Hilarys ‘Superhilbo’ got mentioned too, as two stories were featured in the Irish comic ‘Splunc!’ – Dino Dilemma & Para-abnormal for their summer and autumn editions.

So it is nice to see our work getting a nod in the midst of all the great names being thrown about on the review!  Definitely made us well chuffed. 🙂


Vol.4 & Vol.5

Vol.4 Cover by Deirdre de Barra

Smiling at the Sky cover by Ian Pettitt

Deirdre de Barra and Ian Pettitt have created the covers for the last two installations of Longstone comics.  Their styles are varied and quite different from one another which really offers a great sense of variety for the comic cover.  Deirdre has designed a cover for the comic before back in 2008/2009 for Vol.2.  The key theme for it was a zombie on a bike and lets face it, zombies are friggin cool.

Most of Deirdres work is done in pencil then scanned in the pc and finished digitally.  A combo of Photoshop and Corel Painter X helped to get some of the textures of snow and softness in the fabric.  Her attention to detail can only be fulfilled with a hearty supply of tea and biscuits…without these it ain’t never gonna happen.

Ians cover is completed with pencils, watercolour and pen mostly.  He finishes all his work by hand, including the lettering, and in some cases has been known to scan A3 pages on an A4 scanner and painstakingly merge them via witchcraft on his computer.

Either way, both styles and methods produce a fantastic end result.