Midnight Sun

Oisin Roche is currently working on a script by Peter called Midnight Sun.  It’s a very stylised piece as Oisins signature is very distinct and suited the tone of the story by Peter completely.  Here is some sample work by Oisin, not related to the current project but it still gives you a sense of how much attention to detail he puts into his work.

For more info and examples of his paintings, please visit : www.oisinroche.com

For more info and examples of Peters writing, please visit : http://reflectionsedge.com/index.php/2010/07/callista/ (Free story)




Ian Pettitts contribution to Romantic Comic

A sneak peak at Ians contribution to the up and coming Romantic Mayhem Comic which is due out late Spring.  Gar Shanley is doing a stellar job of organizing it all and thus owning the headaches that go along with the editing and printing of any big project.  Nice one Gar. 🙂


Just a quick sneak peak at some of the panels offered up for the Romantic Mayhem Comic from Hilary & Dee.  Ian is contributing too, but it would give too much away trying to cut down one panel as his art is really strong and clean in this comic.

The release date will be up soon enough, as the editing for it is underway.  Big project and big undertaking but worth it. 🙂

Section of page from Hilary

Single Panel from Dee


Lovely start to the New Year with 2 of our artists at Longstone being mentioned on the Year in Review on www.comicbuzz.com

Deirdre got a mention in relation to her ‘Clueless’ one off comic which tells the story of two robots and communication breakdown.  It is a quirky little piece that she did up to make available at the cons for 2011 and got some great attention along with ‘Blue Bloke’ which again was a small one off comic done for cons.

Hilarys ‘Superhilbo’ got mentioned too, as two stories were featured in the Irish comic ‘Splunc!’ – Dino Dilemma & Para-abnormal for their summer and autumn editions.

So it is nice to see our work getting a nod in the midst of all the great names being thrown about on the review!  Definitely made us well chuffed. 🙂