About Longstone Comics

Longstone Comics started off as a collective comprised of Peter Loftus, Hilary Lawler, Deirdre de Barra, Stephen Paul Coffey, Ben Hennessy, Jason Groarke, Gavin Marks & Ian Pettitt.  We got together with the aim of producing comics as often as possible between working day jobs and living.  Since then, the group has moved on, had babies, gotten married, changed jobs & changed locations.  Phew!

Currently, Longstone Comics is made up of Peter Loftus, Ian Pettitt, Deirdre de Barra & Hilary Lawler.

Longstones first collective comic was published as Vol.1 for Free Comics Day in 2008 along with the first stand alone comic, ‘Rosemary Herbb’ by Stephen & Hilary.  Vol.2 & Vol.3 were published in 2009 and Vol.4 was published in 2010 (with Kieran McKeowns artwork contribution in White Canvas).  Deirdre & Peters stand alone comic ‘Downpour’ was published in 2009 while Ian & Peters stand alone comic ‘Smiling at the Sky’ was published in 2011.  It’s all done for the love of comics and art and it keeps us off the streets and out of trouble…for the most part.

Email: longstonecomics@gmail.com


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