Leave a message after the beeeeep…


So as of late this poor mite of a blog has been somewhat neglected.  Now that isn’t to say that we’re not busy or anything…far friggin from it!

So just to link you in to other bits we’re busy with here are some links to get nosey with:

Hilbo is busy doing a course in Games Design in Dundalk IT and you can take a gander at some of the work done along with other budding designers in the field at : https://aggd.wordpress.com   and http://gamesconceptdesign.wordpress.com/

Ian is busy working away at his own projects as well as designing logos for clubs and you take a gander at them: http://www.ianpettitt.blogspot.ie/

Petey is busy writing reviews between work and playing Pathfinder as well as Dungeons & Dragons but you can take a gander at the reviews: http://www.imhotep.no/?did=9109512

Dee has been working on a new routine and managed to squeeze out a comic late summer before embarking on it and is currently working on some new stuff while still promoting her comic: http://www.puredaft-delineavit.blogspot.ie/2012/08/new-comic.html

So we’re about, we’re busy but we’ll update as often as possible…that could mean every month or so in our language but at least you know it’ll happen!  🙂


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