Independents Day!

Just a heads up for anyone about town this weekend, the Independents Day Fair is going to be on this Sunday.  So the Co-op Market is the venue, 12-5pm is the time and it’ll be packed full of interesting cool stuff like stalls with comics, zines, crafts, arts and other bits and bobs.  2e in is really reasonable too.

It also has music on during it and the venue is a very cosy place to sit and have a coffee and sambo.  It’s always a great vibe so well worth checking it out.  If nothing else, check out the cool poster Elida Maiques did for it – does it rock or what? 🙂


Romantic Mayhem Comic Launch!

Flyer compliments of Elida Maiques! 🙂

So we have 3 artists from Longstone comics featured in the up coming Romantic Mayhem Comic.  It’s officially being launched on Saturday 14th April in the upstairs part of Anseo bar, which is on Lower Camden Street (a bit up from Whelans pub and not quite at the Bleeding Horse).

If you are about on Saturday from around 7.30pm onwards, then call in and say howdy!  We’ll all be there and hope to sell a ton of the comics because they are simply amazing.  Tons of other artists got involved and it looks epic.  Great comic collaboration idea that got to see the light of day so hats off to Gar Shanley for stickin with it and gettin it done!  He had a ton of support (you guys know who you are!) and it’s gonna be fab on Sat!


Hilbos playtime version of a flyer too! 🙂