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Hilary, Deirdre and Ian regularly contribute to other blogs as well as their own.  This months posting challenge over on the Collective Thinking Blog is on ZOMBIES.  It’s a very welcome challenge to say the least!  So far a good few have posted up their work, so here are Ian and Deirdres contributions to it below:




Irish Comic Noodlers

Over at Irish Comic News, we now have 2  of our Longstone artists submitting noodles for the Irish Comic Noodlers weekly offering.  Hilary contributes to the events and general news of ICN on a regular basis, and has been noodling since the IC noodlers got started.  Deirdre recently joined the group on Saturday.

Other artists that contribute to the weekly noodle are Maeve Clancy (Mon), Anthony O’Neill (Weds), Gary Reynolds (Thurs) and Alan Nolan (Fri).  The variety in styles and approaches to each weeks noodle is greatly varied and distinctive, it’s a real mix of talent on display to say the least.

Here’s some previous contributions from Hilary (Deirdres work can’t be displayed elsewhere just yet but you can check out Saturdays posting of 2000ADs Durham Red –

Midnight Sun

Oisin Roche is currently working on a script by Peter called Midnight Sun.  It’s a very stylised piece as Oisins signature is very distinct and suited the tone of the story by Peter completely.  Here is some sample work by Oisin, not related to the current project but it still gives you a sense of how much attention to detail he puts into his work.

For more info and examples of his paintings, please visit :

For more info and examples of Peters writing, please visit : (Free story)



Ian Pettitts contribution to Romantic Comic

A sneak peak at Ians contribution to the up and coming Romantic Mayhem Comic which is due out late Spring.  Gar Shanley is doing a stellar job of organizing it all and thus owning the headaches that go along with the editing and printing of any big project.  Nice one Gar. 🙂

Comic Creator Owned Day

Yesterday was the 1st March and a new buzz around the Creator Owned Day was definitely in full gear.  Lots of people signed up for it and posted stuff on their blogs.  It was brilliant to see such a wide range of stuff out there in various expressions.

Superhilbo got updated on the blog by Hilary, so heres a pic of what was put up on and Deirdre has a pic of Beatrice up on so we all got a chance to link in with it.


Beatrice by Deidre