Just a quick sneak peak at some of the panels offered up for the Romantic Mayhem Comic from Hilary & Dee.  Ian is contributing too, but it would give too much away trying to cut down one panel as his art is really strong and clean in this comic.

The release date will be up soon enough, as the editing for it is underway.  Big project and big undertaking but worth it. 🙂

Section of page from Hilary

Single Panel from Dee


Romantic Mayhem Comic

There is a new comic coming out soon called Romantic Mayhem, which was the brainchild of Gar Shanley from Windell Comics and fame.

A ton of cool artists have contributed stories to it and it’s going to be a great little comic to say the least.  Myself, Dee and Ian have all had a chance to get involved and between ourselves and the others, the variety of styles and approaches are really brilliant.

Here’s the logo Dee drew up for it.  It’s been nicked off her blogspot but she won’t mind! 🙂